One thing we always pay attention to is equipment leasing financing companies and their websites / marketing (both our company’s website and our competitors.)

And as common practice in Nigeria, almost everybody else finances equipment for big companies only. At M.I.S.S, we provide uniquely tailored services to different categories of clients (individuals, SME and corporates).

Really, looking on some competitor websites, we see the number of big brands they claim they are financing. So these companies seem to be saying “We financed Dangote, Flour Mills, Lead Way, Pfizer too… really. We are not calling them liars…

But it does strike us as odd, because we’ve been in this business a long time, and know plenty of other people in this industry. And do you know who makes up the huge majority of equipment financing clients? Small businesses, that’s who.

Small to medium-sized businesses make up the bulk of equipment financing customers. Companies with anywhere between 5 and 50 people make up approximately 90% of all equipment financing customers. And while 50 people is a nice sized business, it’s hardly Dangote.

This makes us wonder a little bit regarding advertising and marketing. Is this name dropping actually helping sales, or does it frighten people? Because if they work with big multinationals and do billion naira deals, are they going to laugh at your little request for One million naira worth of equipment for your new business?

Well, call us at M.I.S.S. We won’t laugh at all. Rather we would treat your request like a billion naira deal.

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