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To diversify its product range and also to facilitate individuals desirous of improving upon their life style through acquisition of equipment at competitive rates and with easy accessibility, some leasing companies has enter into arrangement with different brands products through Hire-Purchase Financing.This type of leasing facility allows individuals to meet their personal, family or household needs. It also covers the leasing needs of self-employed persons such as traders, doctors, engineers, architects, lawyers etc.


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Other sources of getting equipment often move too slowly to be effective, taking many days to provide an answer after reviewing a lease request. We understand you and your business cannot afford to wait too long. You require simple and efficient solutions to your needs which is why we strive to approve your request with unparalleled speed.

We will work with you to find a plan that suits your needs and facilitate an equipment acquisition from the vendor of your choice. Our applications only require a limited amount of information and approvals are delivered quickly. You are our priority and our team is always available to help you.

Our experienced teams are experts in their field and depend on lasting relationships – they are invested in understanding your business.

We offer the flexibility and service that only a privately owned leasing company can deliver. M.I.S.S will look at almost all ranges of equipment acquisitions including used assets, private transactions, and sale-leaseback.  We are experts at structuring transactions to match your businesses’ cash flow.


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