Ok, last time out we talked about Equipment Financing companies advertising that they do business with all kinds of large clients. And then we stated that most equipment financing and equipment leasing deals come from small to medium sized businesses.

Let us open the curtain a bit and show you the basic details of a few common equipment financing deals. Obviously, we will not get into company names or locations, and exact parameters will be sketchy too for privacy sake, but these should give you a good idea just who uses equipment financing, and what they use it for:

  • A dry cleaning store needed large washing machines. These are a bit pricey machines, but they are needed to compete and make them more efficient. We happily lease for these type of client.
  • A welding shop needing new signage, and a new shop-front. Yes, even a welding shop needs to look good for its clients. Equipment financing helps them get what they need.
  •  A growing local super market with four stores in a neighborhood needs upgrading their Point of Sale systems. We’ll happily finance this for them.
  • A local frozen food store needs extra cold room freezers for its increased stock due to higher demand. We’ll happily finance this for them.
  • One insurance broker office looking for new office furniture. Yes, this isn’t the biggest money deal of the day, but this is part of our bread and butter. Of course we’ll finance them.
  • A The above are just a few examples. We handle all manner of equipment financing deals both large and small, we even lease lands, staff and other requirements you many not consider as equipment and as the above illustrates, there really isn’t a deal too small.

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