Personal Lease

This product is designed for all existing leasing clients, particularly authentic delinquent lease cases within the company.  This enable the lessee to access funds when needed for robust financial maintenance upon the lease Asset so as to mitigate against delinquent cases and as well, improve expected rental.

Therefore, this product can run simultaneously with the existing lease contract, a maximum duration of ten months with both principal and interest captured in the agreed repayment lease plan.

Prospective customers must indicate his ability to service both facilities although, assessment will conducted by this company for both client and guarantors before approval.  The approved amount will require processing fee, insurance premium and upfront rental before disbursement. Please note, the premium covers death and any form of Environmental hazard etc.

The repayment is on monthly bases, with surcharge fee as penalty for any delay by the client in remittance. Monitoring of the disbursed fund also, will be conducted to avoid diversion of the approved amount.

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